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Friday, February 13, 2009

UPDATE - The Form Designer's Quick Reference Guide

The QRG is somewhat out of date so I've decided to update it and need some advice.  I've had some responses from BFMA members that have been a great help, but I'm now back into writing and the more info I can get the better.

The book covers both paper and electronic forms.

I'd like to know the following if you have the time to respond:
* Are there any entries that you think need technical updating?
* For those who have the book, is there anything you have looked for and found it not there?
* Are there other entries that you think, from your experience, should be covered?

Remember that each entry is generally only a brief summary as it's more like a forms dictionary, so it isn't meant to replace Forms For People as a textbook. But I believe it is important to include as many of the terms a forms analyst is likely to come across.

If you don't have the book, I've produced a list of the current topics that can be downloaded here.

All the help you can give will benefit the wider forms community.

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