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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Business forms and records management professionals were told this week that I have tonsil cancer so I decided to go public in the blog.

I appreciate the concerns people have had and while it was very emotional at first,  I have moved on and it's no longer a major emotional issue for me. My wife, Trish, is still coming to terms with it and finding it difficult as are many of my friends.

The doctors told me that because of the location, surgery was out of the question and chemotherapy was inappropriate. The only possible solution was radiation and due to the location was very dangerous in itself.  So my decision was to leave that alone as well.

Having decided not to go down the radiation path, my quality of life is far better than is would have been otherwise, so I'm getting on with life. I have difficulty speaking clearly, so courses are out of the question for now, but I'm continuing to write books and articles.

The story of how I found out can be downloaded here. I can also send an update to anyone who asks.

1 comment:

  1. We're all thinking of you as you battle this illness.

    Keep writing those books and articles - we need them.

    Best wishes
    Caroline Jarrett